What events can Tuff Tracks & Euromats be used for?

When you’re organising an event, access is your number one priority. But moving people and vehicles safely and smoothly around a site isn’t just a logistical challenge.

Your ground protection needs to be tough enough to stand up to any weather conditions and flexible enough to meet any challenge. For example, you may not need to create a temporary helicopter landing pad. But if you did, ground protection matting like Tuff Tracks & Euromats is made for the job.

Why use Tuff Tracks & Euromats

If you need off-road access for pedestrians and vehicles, you’ll benefit from grass protection mats. Incredibly tough but flexible, this easy-to-install ground cover gives you a versatile, mess-free walkway while protecting the natural environment.

Euromats are a good fit for most events and can support loads of 80 tonnes. However, if you need heavy duty ground protection, Tuff Tracks’ weight-loading runs up to 150 tonnes, depending on ground conditions.

What events can I use Tuff Tracks & Euromats for?


If you’re staging an outdoor event, you need to encourage free traffic flows and accessibility for all while also dealing with the extra footfall.

Designed for rapid deployment and fast removal, our Tuff Tracks & Euromats provide a comfortable walking surface. They can easily be adapted to provide conference and workspace flooring. In addition, the chevron traction surface prevents slippage and is accessibility friendly.

Construction work

Bringing heavy equipment onto a lawned area can quickly result in damage. The ground can get rutted or heavily compacted, or churned up beyond recognition. Repairing the damage can take months, harming the kerb appeal of your home or premises in the process.

Grass protection mats effectively minimise the damage while heavy equipment is passing through or standing in place. In addition, you can create a temporary roadway that prevents heavy equipment from tearing the turf or sinking into it.

Construction sites

Tuff Track is ideal for construction sites where access can be muddy or the ground uneven. These heavy-duty mats can be reused time and again and are easy to deploy anywhere on-site.

On any construction project, equipment should be deployed quickly and easily wherever it’s needed. Tuff Tracks are lightweight to transport but incredibly tough and durable. They can withstand any weather conditions or terrain, including gravel, mud and sand.


There’s a reason Glastonbury doesn’t take place more than once a year! Festivals can be highly damaging for grass and other terrains. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Multipurpose Euromats can be turned into everything from temporary stages to beer tent flooring to walkways around the site without trashing the ground underneath.

These porous mats allow spillages to drain away and can be hosed down for easy site cleanup. They also provide excellent grip to prevent slips and falls, even in the muddiest conditions.

Location shooting

Skip the plywood when you’re on location in Devon and choose our Euromat hire service instead. You’ll protect the beauty of the location sites you’re using while allowing actors and crew to move securely from scene to scene.

Our temporary grass protection matting can stand up to the heavy footfall of a TV or movie shoot. In addition, it lets you return the location to its original state with ease.

Sports events

It’s been a fabulous summer of sport with the Olympics and Paralympics in Japan and the excitement of the England team’s Euro cup final. Rubber grass protection mats are great for mass participation in sports events like fun runs. They provide a smooth and even running surface that can support the pounding feet of thousands of participants without missing a beat.

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