Why Ground Protection Mats are Essential For Events

Are you busy planning an event? Then you’ll already know the logistic challenges of bringing together people, equipment and furniture in the same place. But something that often gets lost in planning is the effect an outdoor event can have on the landscaping at your chosen venue. It’s one of the multiple benefits of using ground protection mats.

Why Ground Protection Mats are Essential for Your Next Event

Ground protection mats are a quick and easy way to provide temporary paths, roadways, working areas and car parks. When you’re expecting heavy footfall or a large number of vehicles, grass protection mats even out the ground and provide protection for vehicles, equipment and visitors.

The use of temporary grass protection matting is essential for your events because of its multiple advantages:

Safety First

Keeping people safe at your event should be a primary concern. And muddy, slippery conditions can pose a significant risk for people accessing your event. Ground protection mats can help you meet health and safety standards by preventing trips and falls on uneven and muddy ground. In addition, slip-resistant matting makes for a safer, cleaner, and more pleasant experience all around, ensuring accessibility for all.

Easy to Install and Use

If you need platforms, roadways or walkways for your event, you can create them in minutes using our ground protection mats. Temporary floors and pathways are straightforward to install using fast-fit connectors and provide effective landscape protection.


These days, events run on tight budgets and even tighter deadlines. By helping to keep everything running on schedule, ground protection mats are highly cost-effective. And because they’re incredibly durable, you won’t need to replace your euromats any time soon.

If you don’t want to buy your own ground matting, we provide temporary grass protection matting hire and tuff track hire in Devon.

Tough Enough to Meet Rugged Terrain

Our ground protection mats are created using highly resistant, high-density materials that won’t crack or shatter even when carrying the heaviest loads. So whether you need euromats or track mats, you can have total confidence in their ability to take the weight of heavy equipment and vehicles.

Another advantage of using this type of matting is that it’s tough enough to take on the most challenging ground conditions. As a result, all areas are accessible for foot or vehicle traffic. So, for example, you’ll prevent soft ground from getting churned up, which can worsen the problem over time.

Protects Hired Vehicles and Equipment

If you’re hiring sound and visual equipment or vehicles, you’ll be expected to return them in good order. Mud and gravel can cause extensive damage, and you could end up losing your deposit. The use of ground protection mats helps prevent costly accidents.

Stand Up to Extreme Weather Conditions

Portable ground protection mats are suitable for use in any weather conditions. So whether it’s cold and wet or scorching hot, our grass protection matting won’t damage the turf, whatever the weather.

Easy to Clean

Ensuring a clean, safe, comfortable floor for your event is easy when hiring ground protection mats. Apart from providing a professional and attractive appearance, ground matting is easy to hose down and keep clean. You can remove dust, dirt and grime in minutes to uncover an attractive working surface.

Protect Your Turf with JAK Hire

If you’re planning an event, JAK Hire can provide temporary access matting with 24/7 availability. In addition, as a family-run business, we provide ground protection mats for events, shows, construction sites and more. So download our brochure to see our range of products or contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help.