Geo Grid

Cellular Paving System

Ground reinforcement and stabilisation

GeoGrid® cellular paving system enables the fast and eficient implementation of ground reinforcement and stabilisation. The cellular design of the grids allows the dispersion of excess rain or lood water which makes it ideal for integration with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) and in areas prone to looding or with water dispersion problems.

Unique patented design

GeoGrid®’s unique patented design offers the combination of excellent cellular strength and weight load capability whilst allowing for optimal expansion and contraction avoiding the risk of surface deformation in hot or cold climates.

Fast and efficient installation

Fast and eficient installation Manufactured in the UK and Europe and made from 100% recycled polyethylene, GeoGrid® features an effective and simple interlocking design for fast and eficient installation. The grids can be lifted directly from the pallet as pre-connected 1m² sections and can be easily cut to form shapes around obstacles such as planters or

GeoGrid® System Options

GeoGrid® Standard

GeoGrid® Standard Due to the unique patented design GeoGrid® Standard is capable of withstanding weight loads up to 400 tonnes / m2 and a point load weight of 25 tonnes. Light weight and easy to install with the option of white or hi-viz demarcation blocks , GeoGrid® Standard is ideal for areas where the passage of pedestrians or light vehicles is required.

Metal connectors for heavy equipment

Withstanding weight loads up to 500 tonnes / m2 and a point load of 35 tonnes, GeoGrid® Premium offers the same patented design features as GeoGrid® Standard but providing enhanced performance capabilities. Still light weight at 1.6kg per mat or 6.4kg per m2. GeoGrid® Premium utilises the same simple interlocking design offering ease and speed of installation. With the enhanced weight baring capability, GeoGrid® Premium is ideal for areas where regular coach or heavy trafic is expected.

Both systems can be in-illed with either aggregate or decorative stones to provide robust ground reinforcement. Alternatively, GeoGrid® can be seeded with grass to provide an environmentally friendly and aesthetic option. The use of demarcation blocks enables GeoGrid® to be used in areas where there is a requirement for indicating speciic zones, such as disabled parking bays and trafic low directions.

Typical GeoGrid® Applications

The internationally proven TuffTrak® delivers heavy duty temporary access for all weather and ground conditions within;

  • » Pathways & driveways
  • » New & overlow car parks
  • » Ground reinforcement
  • » Ground stabilisation (slopes, embankments and storage areas)
  • » Integration into Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)
  • » Pedestrian access ways
  • » Access roads and roadways
  • » Event parking
  • » Road extensions and widening
  • » Equestrian and outdoor events
  • » Fire and emergency routes
  • » Iniltration basins
  • » Depot storage areas
  • » Gateway areas
  • » Golf buggy routes
  • » Helicopter landing pads

Technical Product & Health and Safety Information

For a full overview of the TuffTrak® Heavy Duty Road Mat and technical product and health and safety information please view our downloadable brochure via the following link.