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Heavy Duty Road Mats

TuffTrak® is the ultimate heavy duty road mat for temporary roadways and work areas for heavy plant, machinery and multiple vehicles with a weight loading to 150* tonnes, dependent on ground conditions.


TuffTrak® is lighter to transport than most alternative temporary road mats. More mats can, therefore, be loaded on to trucks or in to containers, reducing transportation costs.

Incredibly Tough & Flexible

Made from tough High Density (HD) or Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene, TuffTrak® is the market’s leading 100% solid compression moulded mat and is chemically inert making it ideal for use on eco sensitive sites. Being solid means that it cannot be punctured – avoiding the intake of liquids and reducing the threat of invasive species or cross contamination between sites.

Chevron Traction® Surface

The engineered, unique Chevron Traction® surface delivers ultimate grip and helps to dispel mud whilst vehicles traverse over them. The chevron nub design reduces sideways movement and slippage delivering optimal forward traction for heavy vehicles and machinery.


Advantages of Tuff Track

  • » Solid one piece construction
  • » Unique chevron traction® surface
  • » Lower transport cost than other mats
  • » Tough durable working areas and temporary roads for heavy plant, equipment and multiple vehicles
  • » Protects against severe rutting and eco damage to ground and sensitive sites
  • » Supports health & safety objectives
  • » A reversible low profile surface for drilling rigs, work pads, depot areas and helipads
  • » Connection options for different terrain & equipment
  • » Non»conductive » ideal for use on transmission projects
  • » Designed and manufactured in the UK and Europe

Connection Systems

Hi tensile h-viz ‘lex’ connectors for increased safety and performance over undulating ground

Hi tensile h-viz ‘lex’ connectors for increased safety and performance over undulating ground.

Material: Steel and nylon
Size: 240mm x 70mm
Weight: 0.15 kg

Metal connectors for heavy equipments

Used on short term projects where speed of installation is of the essence. The connector is pushed through the holes and then underneath the mats.

Material: Steel
Size: 260mm x 40mm x 5mm
Weight: 0.35 kg

Product Specifications

TuffTrak® Heavy Duty Road Mat

Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)
Size: 3000mm x 2500mm x 38mm
Weight: 295kg

TuffTrak® is fast to install with a simple ‘drop in’ bolt system. TuffTrak® also offers a range of connectors including high tensile hi-viz ‘flex’ straps for increased safety and deployment over undulating ground. The unique chevron traction® surface is regarded as the most effective in the market and is ideal when the weather or ground conditions rapidly deteriorate.


Internationally proven TuffTrak®

The internationally proven TuffTrak® delivers heavy duty temporary access for all weather and ground conditions within;

  • » Civil Engineering
  • » Construction
  • » Oil & Gas
  • » Transmission
  • » Infrastructure
  • » Utilities maintenance
  • » Military sites
  • » Events

Technical Product & Health and Safety Information

For a full overview of the TuffTrak® Heavy Duty Road Mat and technical product and health and safety information please view our downloadable brochure via the following link.